The beautiful thing from Borneo!

>> Looking for a textile with ethnic prints from the North Borneo? Or you’re looking for a customised service to print textile with ethnic’s design?

>> Yes, you’ve landed at the right website! Chanteek Borneo is dedicated to deliver both Borneo ethnic prints textile and customised service to design and print your ethnic textile.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan. We are CLOSE for 3 days (30/5 - 1/6), business will re-open on 2nd June.

Buy Your First Ethnic Contemporary Textile

Chanteek Borneo's in-house brand 'Kain Chanteek' carry a wide range of ready stock textiles of the Kadazandusun, Murut and Rungus; suitable for fashion-wear not only during festive celebration such as the Kaamatan, Kalimaran and Magahau but for office-wear and casual-wear too.

Each of 'Kain Chanteek' collection were designed to reflect the richness and the uniqueness of Sabah ethnicities.
Wearing one does not only magnify your being but your culture as well.



Our Community, Our Heart

We believe in educating the children for our future.

We believe that our ancestor’s skills and wisdom should be pass on.

We also believe that for a nation to progress, the economic opportunity should be shared.

The Director Say

“It is my dream to see Designers from this part of Borneo to parade their fashion at the international runway with our ethnic’s print.

In the near future, I wish the tourist coming to this Land Below the Wind, not only will enjoy our nature but would appreciate our culture too. Every little thing in the hospitality industry would have a touch of Borneo on it.

Remember! Our rich culture is our treasure and pride.”

– Anne Antah, Chanteek Borneo Founder Director